M is We/Night Battles split

Last Friday May 1st, marked the release of a 7” Split record by M is We on side A with the song “What you carry” and Night Battles on side B with the song “Flat on my Back”, via Broken Sound Tapes.

What you carry is a beautiful tune which joins the new tendency of Post Punk from this era with classic sound from the early 80’s post punk, melodic voice, combined with the strong bass tunes and distorted guitars create a dark atmosphere perfect for any fan of this kind of music, elegant, glamorous and obscure M is We create a perfect masterpiece.

On B side we find Night Battles their song Flat on my Back is stronger than M is We´s song, it is the quintessential Goth song, its distorted guitars and its powerful drums remind me bands like The Wake, Nosferatu or Rosetta Stone, it sounds classical but the tune reflexes the present and the future of Goth music.

In Summary, this record from these two American Bands is the perfect combination for Post Punk Bands.

Highly Recommended.

Review by Elmbowie

M is We/Night Battles split by M is We/Night Battles

M is We members

Michael Wood (vocals, synth)
Micheal Madden (guitar)
Nick Newby (bass)
Brian Avery (drums)

M is We contact

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Night Battles members

Chris Skelly – Guitar
Dante Bruno – Bass
Charlie King – Vocals
Ryan Nathan- Drums

Night Battles contact

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