Issue #2 is out now!!!

Here we go folks!!! New issue just arrived… you can send me a DM for yours!!!! Just $5 each + shipping…. *Soon in Canada* Thanx to all sponsors and people enrolled to made this shit!!

elmbowie, sammywarmhands, punkrockradar, napoleonbertrand, Master Nate & The Reprobates -MNRIncidente Punk RockDental RecordsStomp RecordsGC RecordsBajo CustodiaRottenbastardrecordsSkismThe Mad MulligansBADD MUSICTV TRAGEDYMotivoAdaptadosMalas PalabrasPunkzoñaMal GustoCall In DeadHigh End Denim RecordsAllegedly Records Support GroupReal SickiesCronos Debe MorirDEAD LOWManifiesto HCRThe Rejected, San FranciscoThe Ratz3 dBs DOWNBare Bones Records


En Costa Rica puedes encontrarlas en: Nasional SkateboardsSKÁL Beer house Discos Manozos valleguarcocerveceria El Artesano o por mensaje directo a punk rock mag!! En 2 mil colones!!!


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