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Record Label from Las Vegas based music/media ninjas killing time, with rad bands.

Podcast completamente en español conducido por Jorge Rivera de San Diego, California,
con un enfoque principal en las bandas del género Skate Punk melódico y Hardcore
de los 90 ‘s principio del año 2000.
Al igual servir de portal / comunidad para dar difusión a bandas
de la escena underground.

Geykido Comet Records, or GC Records for short, became a real deal
in January 1999 with the release of the Intro5pect debut 7-inch vinyl record.

Costarican underground production company since 2019.
Check out these guys and maybe you can be the next band to play in Costa Rica.

Epic Merch Store is a platform for bands and artists to sell merch
to a worldwide audience.
A place where every band has the opportunity to present itself
and can offer killer merchandise.
Check out the store and support the bands!

Grabaciones Mohicano es un studio de grabación underground,
ubicado en Tres Ríos de Costa Rica.

Dental Records is an independent record label which specializes
in punk rock and underground music.
Based out of Ontario Canada.