Which devil??? – The Bridge City Sinners

From Portland, Oregon, USA.

The Bridge City Sinners started in 2016, since then they have played in festivals such  as Warp Tour and The Fest. Touring across USA, Mexico and Canada. All this with only one reason: keep a friend spirit alive who passed away (lead singer of folk-punk band Profane Sass).

Today (May 17th 2019) they have released a new album with 10 dark and paceful songs.

“Here’s to the devil” is the name of this great album. Banjolele, mandolin, guitar and others instruments create a special sound of folk punk to that amazing and evil voice.

Now you can listen and buy it … and “Laugh While You Can” too.

Here’s to the Devil by Bridge City Sinners

TBCS Members

Vocals & Banjolele – Libby Lux

Resonator Guitar – Michael Sinner

Upright Bass – Scott Michaud

Banjo – Hunter Rukstad

Acoustic Guitar – Jesse Payne

Fiddle – Lightnin’ Luke

Mandolin – Steve Kilcrease

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