Drunktank – Return of the Infamous four

After a couple of rehearsals they booked their first show without actually having a bandname. They really like Voodoo Glow Skulls and their song Drunktank always seemed to fit well with them. So they gave up the name Drunktank for the poster and it stuck with them. In that time of their life they used to drink a river of beer always and have adventures because of it. Now still it seems fitting.

This band is damaging ears & drinking your beers since 2003 and now they have released their second full length album named “Return of the Infamous four“.

With these 10 tracks full of 90’s skatepunk with a hint of 80’s metal, you’ll get some smile on your dumb ass face, induced by this master piece full of riffs and fast drums.

**Favorite song: “Army Of Darkness” (going into our spotify “Best of 2019” list)

đź“Š 9/10

Return of The Infamous Four by Drunktank

Drunktank members

Pim Troost: guitar / lead vocals
Dorian Gort: guitar/ backing vocals
Martijn Vos: bass/ backing vocals
Raymond Drenth: drums / lead & backing vocals

Drunktank contact

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