The drunkest interview

I had the honor to interview a great band from Netherlands; this guys are getting better and their last album talks about it … the interview was done with Pim (vocals/guitars) and Ray (Drums) from the band DRUNKTANK.

Well, let’s do this!!!

Are you drunk now?

Nope! It is around 9 o clock in the morning on a Thursday. Our name suggests our state of mind but we are more “after the show” drinkers.

How is drunktank doing this days with the album’s release?

Things are going great!! We released the new album ‘Return of The Infamous Four’ on July 26 and we have been promoting the album for quite some months now. We first released the artwork, followed by two lyric videos and a real video. And we have one more lyric video in the make. So keep your eyes peeled for more to come!

For this album we have 12 recordlabels worldwide supporting us. We are reaching much more people then ever before. We have new merch, a new website and also a new booker Steve Rawles (Belvedere/This is a standoff) for international shows (Merit Based Bookings & Management)

How was the process of making the album?

Our last album was released in 2010. From 2010 till now we have written a lot songs and some made it to the album. So there are songs dating from 2010 till about late 2018. The songwriting was done from 2010 till 2018 with mostly former bandmembers. When Dorian and Fox joined we made some significant changes in songs, or finished them in another way by writing some new parts. The song Green Button was made in our current line-up and was written late 2018.

We recorded drums in a studio and did all the rest of the recordings ourselves.

The mix and master was made by Cederik Forsberg from Blazon Stone, one of our favorite artists out there.

How were the lyrics born?

Most of our former bandmembers are still close to Drunktank.
Bart (former singer) wrote most of the lyrics. Brian (one of our former guitarplayers) wrote the lyrics to Hammer of Justice and Army of Darkness, Donny (former bassplayer) wrote the lyrics to Waste Away.

What’s the difference from “The infamous four ” and “The return of the infamous four?

We tried to give every song a good catchy chorus on the first record and we tried doing that again on the new album. The new album has more 80’s heavy metal riffs so it contains our metal veins with our punkrock hearts.

How was the release day show doing?

It was beyond awesome! A full house, a lot of old and new friends, former bandmembers. Sing along, crowdsurfing, stagedives it was all there. Just an amazing night!

Do you already scheduled a new tour?

We have things cooking but we cant say to much yet. You’ll see us on the bill of some great European Festivals next year.

Last question, what are your super powers on this magazine adventure?

Hahaha well our frontman Pim is an actual giant who has crushed skulls on many occasions. He is also supernice so don’t let that trick you. He will strike with the power of lightning.

Our drummer Ray plays amazing drums and he has the ability to catch cymbals with his mouth! He also makes a mean Baco (bacardi and coke) which had knocked a lot of people out including himself hahaha.

Fox the bassist is known for his extraordinary speed and on stage energy. Sometimes we don’t even know where he is on stage because he is running around all the time.

Dorian can make a smokable object out of most household things. His specialty has to be apple bongs which he use to floor his opponents if necessary.

How was your date on Punk Rock Holiday?

We just returned from Punkrock Holiday in Tolmin – Slovenia, one of the biggest Punkrock Festivals in Europe. We had an amazing time there. People from all over the world where there and we were beyond stoked to finally play live for them!

During the second song of the set there was a wheelchair crowdsurfer. During the last song of the set ‘Last One Standing’ people came on stage to sing along with us.

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**Once again, I want to give thanks to DRUNKTANK for their time and for the great gift they sent me to COSTA RICA. (Check it here)