Energy gone wrong

From Long beach, California; garage punk rock band Spider released an EP called “Energy gone wrong” featuring two original songs “Energy Gone Wrong” and “The Reeperbahn” plus a cover of Black Flag’s “Depression.”

If you’re fan of Refused, Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains, The Damned and The Germs; you must listen and enjoy this insane band.

Raw and ferocious and known for their incendiary live shows Southern California based Spider is a visceral and rhythmic band firing on all cylinders.

After listen it a couple of times, I had to listen it once again.

Fav song: “The Reeperbahn” (added to my Best of 2019 Spotify’s playlist)
Energy Gone Wrong EP by Spider

If you liked it maybe you can go to any show and enjoy their music.

Feb 21 GRAMMY Museum® – Spider @ 7:45p (Los Angeles, CA)
Feb 21 Bad Cop/Bad Cop at DiPiazza’s – Spider @ 9:45p (Long Beach, CA)
Mar 6 Radolescents, Stalag 13, The Wraith @ 5 Star Bar (LosAngeles, CA)
Mar 11 Sick Of It All (San Jose, Costa Rica)
Mar 12 Pennywise (San Jose, Costa Rica)
Mar 13 Long Beach Records Night (Costa Rica)
Mar 20 Shiners Club @ Tower Bar (San Diego, CA)
Mar 21 Shiners Club @ Lycanthro Pub (Tijuana, Mexico)
May 30 Change Today (feat. Joe Wood formerly of TSOL) @ Redwood Bar (Los Angeles, CA)
Aug 6 Rebellion Festival UK w/Circle Jerks, Bad Religion, Adolescents, Strung Out (Blackpool, UK)
Aug 7 Strung Out, Adolescents, MDC @ The Underworld (London, UK)
Aug 10 Punk Rock Holiday (Tolmin, Slovenia)
Aug 14 Wild At Heart (Berlin, Germany)

Spider members

Hector Martinez (vocals)

Karl Izumi (guitar, vocals)

Alf Silva (drums, vocals)

Greg ‘Mudd’ Lowther (bass, vocals)

Spider contact

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