DEN!ED interview

Today we’re here sharing with a great belgian band named DENIED…. they just released their new album!

Let’s go!!!!

1. Can you tell us a little about Denied?

Well, we’re 3 childhood’s friends who grew up together, discovered punkrock at the same time and then decided to throw themselves into this beautifull scene.
We started DEN!ED in 2018 and are heavily influenced by the 90’s punkrock scene. We first released a 3 songs ep in the summer of 2018 and just released our newest one in february of 2020: “The Darkest Timeline“. It is heavier and faster and we’re really proud of it.

2. Which bands do you believe that are the most influential for Denied?

Oh Duck there are so many. Obviously the classics like Pennywise, Lagwagon, Bad Religion, No Fun At All, No Use For A Name,… But then we discovered the more skate – technical side of punkrock and that’s were a lot of our inspiration come from. Bands like Adrenalized, Mute, Belvedere, Much The Samle, The Human Project, Straightline, Drunktank and some hardcore bands like Stick To Your Guns, Counterparts, Comeback kid,…
We’re basically a mix of all this freaking awesome bands haha

3. Why “The darkest timeline”, whats the main message you want to share?

It’s really tough for me (Simon) to write lyrics that does not discuss the sad reality of today’s society. Where it’s basically everyone for himself, look at how rich I am and fuck nature and everyone else. We really all have a positive attitude, but when you look around and see all the conflicts, the war for profits, the destruction of our planet, it’s pretty deppressive and I guess music is the perfect place to scream all the rage you have inside. That’s what “The Darkest Timeline” is about, it’s the realisation that we’re getting more and more fucked day after day. Not verry joyful but we’re funnier in real life haha.

4. How was the process of making the album?

It was super exciting cause we were really reaching the point where we could say “ok. That’s DEN!ED. That’s us, let’s go, let’s shred this shit”. We recorded it with our good friend Adriaan de belder in 4 days I think and we really had the best time doing it. Beeing just the 4 of us in a room recording music is really a special moment and we cherish it every time it happens.
It was also the first time we actually printed CDs so that was super stressfull cause you have to think about everything and if you fuck something up, well it’s actually printed on 500 CDs.
I actually think I fucked up the name of Adriaan on it… So I guess today is the day to apology about it haha, sorry Adri, hope you’re not too mad!

5. Sometimes is hard to talk with the truth, how was the people respond to your critical lyrics?

To be honnest, we didn’t get some feedback on the lyrics yet. People usually come to us to say that they the skatepunk vibe of our band, and that our drummer (Kévin) is a beast, but we never discuss the lyrics of the songs. I’m sure it’ll come, but the punkrock scene is so openminded that we’d be more than happy to talk about it!

6. What projects are you currently working on?

We just did our release party a month ago so we’ve kind of been resting a little bit cause it was a shitload of work and we all have jobs on the side obviously. But now we’re getting back together and start planning shows, writing new songs and why not looking to plan a small tour, that’d be sick!

7. Where was your best show performance and why?

That’s a tough one. We had the chance to play before one of our favorite band and master of the art of technical skatepunk “Mute” so I think that’s something we’ll remember for the rest of our lifes.
But our best performance has to be our show at the release party last month. We really were on point and the crowd was really feeling it. At the end, the fogmachine had a technical issue and started sending fog everywhere so it was a shitstorm on stage, you basically couldn’t see anything at the end of our last song, but it was freaking amazing haha

8. Add something if you want.

We’re so touched by the fact that people everywhere in the world seem to appreciate what we do. It’s an amazing feeling to have some feedback from people who live so far away from our little Belgium.
Thank you so much for this, and spread the word cause we’re just getting started!

Maybe one day we’ll come to Costa Rica, that would be so sick …

Sincerely yours,

You can listen their new album here!!!

I just have to say: THANKS A LOT GUYS and Keep punk rocking!