Learning about drugs!!

If you didn’t go to school you wasted your time…  we’re getting some knowledge from teacher S.D.

1. I always ask this dumb question, why Schooldrugs?

It’s a reference to drugs like adderall/ ritalin/ vyvanse. All of the things that are commonly prescribed to treat ADD and ADHD.

2. Can u talk a little of your last album “Modern medicine”?

Modern Medicine is our first full length LP. Indecision Records was kind enough to release it on vinyl towards the end of last year. Ten tracks in total, all together coming in at just under 20 minutes.

3. How do u connect this album with this crazy time (covid-19)?

The idea of Modern Medicine was rooted in the various things people use to medicate themselves. Right now there’s extreme cases of mass hysteria, and for some reason we have folks feeling the need to run out and get advil, milk, and toilet paper. All self prescribed. I’ve yet to see any evidence that any of those three problems will help combat the coronavirus.

4. Is there any funny and crazy history of the band playing on a show?

in 2017 we played a horror convention in NJ. Before our set I noticed that Lloyd Kaufman director of Toxic Avenger was hanging around and watching the bands. Also in attendance was Frank Hennenlotter director of Basket Case and Frankenhooker. In between songs I noticed that Lloyd had left, and I said to Frank, on microphone… “Glad Frank Hennenlotter could stay for our set, I guess Lloyd had to leave. I didn’t know there was a curfew in Tromaville.”. Just as I said that two people moved out of the way revealing Lloyd to still be there and attentively watching. I felt like such an asshole. We kind of stared at each other and I went… “Oh… shit… uhh… sorry Lloyd… I thought you left.”. Afterwards I talked to him for a couple seconds and apologized for giving him shit, but he laughed and thought it was funny.

5. How the band is facing this hard moment with the virus fucking around? 

We quite unfortunately had to cancel our tour this March. Needless to say, we’ve been pretty bummed about that, but a few of us have gotten together and jammed some new songs.

6. Are u preparing new shit soon?

There’s a few things we have lined up to do in the near future. Our current situation puts a serious question mark on when and how those projects should go. First up might be a split 7″ with some friends of ours from the area.

7. What can we learn in your school?
Things to learn from School Drugs:
1. You’re not alone
2. It’s ok to have a mental illness of any kind and it’s not your fault.
3. Poison Idea rules.

8. Add something if you want.

Keep on mashin’ in a free world. 
– Josh Jurk –

I really appreciate schooldrugs time.

You can listen to this sick album and maybe they can give you some drugs prescription.