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Today we’re talking with Crobar, lead vocal from a really rad band from U.S.A. with a Motörhead style shit!!!

DEAD LOW is a  band from Massachusetts.

1. How are you doing these days with Covid in Massachusetts?

We seem to be getting by, however this pandemic has taken its toll on a lot of people.   There are a lot of local businesses struggling to make ends meet.  A lot of music venues, restaurants, bars, and stores closing their doors for good.  There is no music scene.  It’s terrible, we can only hope this thing turns around at some point.

2. Who are behind this band? 

Nick Nobody on Bass/Backing Vocals, Hurricane Dave on Drums, and (Me) Crobar on Guitar and Lead Vocals
Three seasoned members of the Local (Local New England) and Touring Punk and Metal scene.  Members of Revilers, Fast Times, and Led To The Grave.

3. First time I listened that voice sound like Wattie from The Exploited… which bands are your influences?

We have a wide range of musical influences, anything from punk, metal, to classic rock.  To name a few bands that come to mind,  Motörhead, Oxymoron, The Blood, Thin Lizzy… I could go on.   We try not put ourselves in a box, I think that’s what keeps us making new sounds.

4. “Listen up!” how was the process of making this cool EP?

We recorded this EP ourselves.  I had recorded a couple albums with friends and decided to give it a shot myself.  Pretty stoked on how it came out.  We recorded most of this album just before COVID showed up here.  After the lockdowns we still needed to do gang vocals.   So we ended up doing gang vocals between two separate households in quarantine.  The album art is by Andy Fletcher came out awesome.

5. What’s the main message Deadlow wants to give?

Don’t take any shit from anyone and look out for your friends, family, and loved ones.

6. Next Deadlow’s projects on mind?

We are currently working on recording some more new music.   One track will be on a comp to benefit struggling music venues in the Boston area.  We have a handful of other tracks that will most likely end up on another EP.  We really wanted to do a full length, however with COVID it is hard to get together and write an album in its entirety.  So that will hopefully come down the road.

7. Something to add?

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to do this interview.   If you wanna check out our EP you can get it from our label Audio Epidemic Records.  We hope to play shows and tour when the world gets better.


Listen this cool EP here!!

Listen Up! by Dead Low

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