So far to go (The album)

Established in 2015, Longshot Odds is one of South Carolina’s most exciting and eclectic bands.

They are releasing their first full length “So Far to Go” via River Monster Records with 11 tracks.

You can listen some cool bass sounds with cool guitar riffs… I don’t really know how to describe this band, it has some punk rock with folk and a special ingredient (I think is the voice) that makes you want to sit on a chair and drink some buzz!!

Honestly, I really liked a lot this album, but is your time to sit, drink and enjoy it!!!

First time I listened to these guys was with their EP “Circle the drain” (and fuck, I remember I drank a lot that day).

This album is going Straigth to the “Good Shit Awards” so if you really enjoy it, go and vote for them!!

*Favarorite song: “VCR’s and Mixtapes”

We’ll take it back to the good ol’ days, the ones we forgot we left behind.

Longshot Odds members

Patrick North (vocals, keys)
Cory Wittmere (drums)
JJ Dunlap IV (guitar, vocals)
Kellen West (bass, vocals)

Longshot Odds contact

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