Good shit of the year

Good Shit Awards are over and END OF PIPE won the 1st place.

We made an interview with the brazilian punk rock band …

1. Wow!! It was a lot of work for the band these days with The Awards… tell us how were those days?

As we are on a long quarentine, without playing live and rehearsing, we spent our time planning the release of the album “Mass Hysteria” and improving our “behind the stage” stuff, such as social medias, digital marketing, press and promoting the Good Shit Awards. We ask for all our family and friends to vote and a lot of people helped us. We even appeared on a TV show talking about the awards!

2. What did it mean for the band to be in these Awards?

First of all, means that South/Latin America exists for punk rock! It’s also a big honor to be together of such good bands, but we don’t feel like we’re better than other bands, this thing of “best album” don’t exist. Art is not about competition. It’s the first time we joined on this kind of poll, we think it may be good to improve our visibility and new opportunities.

3. Apart from you, which bands did you support as favorites?

The band likes the 90’s stuff. I am (Victor) a big fan of Nirvana and Green Day, Uirá is more into the No Idea Records Stuff. Rafael enjoys No Fun At All and TSOL. We all like Garage Fuzz, Face to Face, Bad Religion, Hot Water Music, Samiam and Shades Apart.

4. How far has “Mass Hysteria” come?

We had a lot of good feedback about “Mass Hysteria” all around the world. We figured out as one of the best albums of 2020 for the sites Colorado Punk Rock Army (Denver/USA) and Rifferama (Florianópolis/Brazil), and of course, the Good Shit Awards!

5. What has the band prepared for this 2021?

Play live and tour as much as possible! We had to cancel our first European Tour because of coronavirus, so we will try to make it happen on 2021. We want to do a new videoclip too.

6. Who would you like to thank for their support?

Our labels Electric Funeral Records, Mevzu Records, Tent City Records and Takeove Records; our sponsors Tecniforte Cables and Rock City Army; Marlon Ramos and Undercave Studio; Mark Michalik, who did an awesome work on mix/mastering; our booking agency Foreign Bands on Tour; our families, friends and fans; to everyone who gave a little of their time voting for us and shared the awards and to the underground media that helps to keep punk rock alive!

7. Something to add

Fora Bolsonaro! Support independent bands and media, buying merch or sharing their stuff. There’s no place to racism/fascism. Listen to End of Pipe!

Well.. thanx to everyone who voted on these awards and let see what’s coming on 2021..

Listen to Mass Hysteria album here:

Mass Hysteria by End of Pipe

Uirá Medeiros – Guitar / Vocal
Rafael Censi – Bass
Victor Berretta- Drums

End of Pipe contact

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