I’ve never heard this band before and the day I listened to it I liked it too much; they have an essence super attached to Propagandhi in their music and upon hearing the voice I was confused because for a moment I thought it was Willem from Antillectual, which gave me the curiosity to meet them.

Venturas are a melodic skate punk band from Wermelskirchen, Germany and were formed in 2004 out of a longtime friendship between the members and their passion for skateboarding and punk rock.

They have an album and a EP (Walk Tall and Draw The Blinds) before the new one Your Weaker Self which was released by theirselves in May 1, 2021 … is a split album including 5 tracks from “Your Weaker Self” and 5 tracks from the already sold out “Draw the Blinds”.

I had the honor of having a copy on CD of this new record, the art comes very elegant and the sound is soooo good. (Thanx for this gift pals).

Check this album out here and if you like it, you can order it on CD or vinyl on their bandcamp.

Venturas members

Daniel Funk – vocals and bass

Michel Pancha – drums and vocals

Daniel Halko – guitar

Venturas contact


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