Ska punk soldiers

If you are searching fun and good shit … Great news!!

Ska/Core, Power Pop, Punk, Thrash, Butt Rock, Reggae, Jack off all trades masters of fun band The Filthy Radicals haven’t stopped slaying crowds across Canada and are garnering respect as one of the most energetic live acts around.

Cursed BlessingsToronto’s raddest new label, will be putting out their new Ep “Freedom” Ep Oct 29th and we got the Ep exclusively streamed for you!!

The Filthy Radicals are a 6-piece skacore band from Toronto, Canada.Sonically channeling the eternal struggle of the working class between life and debt, with a party hard, scream harder punk rock ethos.   Their unique take on ska punk* and high energy, unpredictable live shows have garnered them a faithful following, the Filthy Fam, so now wherever they go, they find themselves in their hometown!

The EP comes with 4 tracks that you really will enjoy a lot, it has some rad melodies and bringing back the good ska punk!!!

Pre-order HERE

The Filthy Radicals members

Kyle, Jackson, Cody, Molly, Dave & Andrew.

The Filthy Radicals contact

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