The 2nd edition of the most famous awards that nobody knows called “GOOD SHIT AWARDS 2021” on our Instagram profile; in which 214 bands from all over the world participated, with punk rock, ska and hardcore genres; from very new bands, to the ones best known by many like Chaser, Ignite, Less than Jake and others ended …. without prejudice, everyone had the opportunity to face each other and show that you don’t need a great name to be able to make great material !!!

In the Best Album category, the winners were the Canadian punk rocker band BELVEDER with their new album “Hindsight Is the Sixth Sense”.

Canadian legends of the skate punk scene Belvedere have comeback swinging after a five- year hiatus to create a stellar sixth studio record ‘Hindsight Is The Sixth Sense coming out of the Thousand Island and Lockjaw records respectively in May earlier this year.

The old school punkers have upped their game to whole a new level with bone crunching riffs displayed by newest members Dan Wollach on Guitar and Ryan Mumby on Bass being added to line up ultimately taking the group in a new direction since their last full-length feature ‘Revenge Of The Fifth’. but all the while still managing to keep that familiar fast paced Belvedere esk trademark sound, we all know and love with Steve Rawles the lead vocalist and founder of the group crediting drummer Casey Lewis for its addictive songs . .

On this record Belvedere takes a more insightful and in-depth perspective of the world dipping into the political realm whilst taking aim at the corporate whores of the planet who are slowly letting things decay to have a few extra quid in their pockets, undoubtedly screwing us all in the end. Its ever present from the single ‘Elephant March’ with lyrics that read ‘The burning begins, there’s a need for it’, ‘There’s nothing for us and they’re full of shit’ clearly not happy with the way the world is slowly becoming… Are we all going to eventually believe the blood spilt is justified for the progress of capital gains??

Another highlight of the record is ‘Camera Obscura’ where the band tackles spirituality and the price of selling your sole with some very choice words ‘A culture of abusing life’, ‘Based upon someone else’s eyes’ which is something some people in the western world should take a minute to think about and digest. Towards the end of the jam it features guests on the tunes ‘Comrade’ with Less Than Jakes Roger Lima stepping in for bass duties whilst Dylan Toews (Wolfrik) featuring on Memento Mori and also Rody Walker (Protest The hero) lending a hand for the thrashing ‘Automate’.

Hindsight Is The Sixth Sense comes in at just over thirty four minutes in total stacked with guitars and resilience. It’s a retrospective to the way the band sees it self in this world, perhaps in a more experienced way and trying to make the good people aware of the changing landscapes, the shape shifters and the important global issues that will forever impact us for generations to come.

In a nutshell Belvedere have nailed it. Its a fucking rad record with its combination of skate rock harmonies and sing along choruses I reckon it will have the youth of today galvanised and ready to stand beside them as they revolt against the machine.

Steve Rawles – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Ryan Mumby – Bass Guitar
Dan Wollach – Rhythm Guitar
Casey Lewis – Drums


Michael Dickson

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