The 2nd edition of the most famous awards that nobody knows called “GOOD SHIT AWARDS 2021” on our Instagram profile; in which 214 bands from all over the world participated, with punk rock, ska and hardcore genres; from very new bands, to the ones best known by many like Ignite, Cronos debe morir, Making Friends and others ended …. without prejudice, everyone had the opportunity to face each other and show that you don’t need a great name to be able to make great material !!!

After a long trip of voting and a massive SPAM of more than a month and 20000 votes; On October 28 th, the winners chosen by all of you were finally revealed !!!

In the Best EP category, the winners were the Thai punk rocker band STAY AWAKE with their EP PORTRAITS which has 6 great songs with excellent melodies and a voice that personally reminds me of No Use For A Name on their album Leche con Carne. You must listen it!!

They finally received their Punk Rock Mag recognition … Congratulations!


Thanks to those who raised their hands to sponsor this:

Punk Rock Radar Punk Rock Sanity Podcast DCxPC Asteroid Records El Artesano Dental Records Motivo Dr. Martens CR 20 Chords Records You & Me Boutique

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