Come Together Fall Apart

Good Riddance front man Russ Rankin returns with his second full length record ‘Come together fall apart’. It is the first solo release in over a decade, and it’s been well worth the wait. The record is more stripped back and raw unlike his earlier work ‘Farewell Catalonia’ which sees the talented songwriter channelling a softer approach on the eleven-track masterpiece.

Russ over the years with his many other successful bands Good Riddance, Only Crime and State of Grace has been well known for his political stance and positive activism at live shows by handing out animal rights pamphlets. It shows through the numbers ‘Next best thing’ and ‘Abolish the Senate’ which read the lyrics ‘it’s been useless since 1789 ’ it is a grim outlook on how many of us perceive the ones running the place.

The first single ‘Babel’ when you first hear it is sounds as though you know it already as it indulges you back to an ancient time where humanity was less complicated, but still just as divided by people’s beliefs, cultures, and languages. Other stand out tunes which will no doubt catch your attention is the albums opening track ‘All our lives’ and ‘Statutes of Kilkenny’ which delves into the dark oppressive past of the Irish way of life centuries ago. The soulful piece reminisces about the need for change and the country been torn apart by civil strife and conflict through a heart-warming traditional Irish folk sound.

‘Come together fall apart’ is a wonderful, rugged, thought-provoking album from Russ Rankin it’s a great piece to have in your collection on rotation for the days when you feel like immersing yourself in another time and place.

Available on all streaming platforms, and from SBÄM Cursed Blessings Say-10 Records

By Michael Dickson – Caution Aussie On Board

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