Blood in the water

ChumHuffer is a Hardcore punk band from New York. They released their debut EP “Blood in the water”. For Fans of Dead Kennedys, DI and TSOL.

The EP begins with “Blood in the water” with a guitar that has been announcing the beginning of a trip to the hardcore/punk era of the late 80’s… warning us about the sharks that seek to destroy us !

Sharks are circling coming for you

Act like there is nothing to do

Blood in the water

Loaded with drums full of fury for the chords that the distorted guitars offer; It really seems like these guys know what they’re doing.

Despite being a very new band, it is possible to capture the experience that its members bring since the band brings members of Refuse Resist, Blackout Shoppers and Hopeless Otis. The question is wheter or not they can keep the momentum going with their next shit.

I recommend listening to it with an open mind and with an expectation that it will not disappoint you.

ChumHuffer members

Shawn Refuse – Vocals/Bass
Blackout Matt – Guitar/backup vocals
Joe Dorane – Guitar/Backup vocals
Mike Flaherty – Drums

ChumHuffer contact

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