Addition By Sedition

New Jersey punk veterans, Cathedral Ceilings upcoming album, ‘Summer Of Misguided Dynamite‘ out via Dromedary Records (established in 1992) will be out on May 27th, 2022 (so stay tuned) is a collection of high energy, melodic, punk anthems. Recorded and mixed by ace record maker Tom Beaujour.

The band is sharing, “Addition By Sedition”  the first single from the album. The track is a fast paced, politically leaning banger about a “decrepit human who might see a jail cell soon.”

Check it out here:

“I like to save political arguments for social media or family gatherings. So it’s really rare for me to get political in a song.  But you can argue that this song isn’t political at all. It’s just about a decrepit human, who might see a jail cell soon.”

Ralphie Malanga 

Cathedral Ceilings members

 Ralph – guitar/vocals

Nick – drums

Tommy – bass

Cathedral Ceilings contact

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