The Little Lebowski Urban Achievers is a drunk rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

These guys released their new EP “The Greatest Story Never Told” back in October of 2021 with four catchy tracks and a little drunk shit there too!!!

Some bands are great no matter what state they’re in; some are terrible regardless of whether or not you could pass a breathalyzer test… this band has played a few shows in their lives and usually beg for shots.

They’ve broken out of the pop-punk underground not by illuminating the dark corners of young-person romance but I think this EP is much better than their debut.

So, let me know what ya think about these guys…

It was really a joke. I know everyone says that but seriously, I was there. In fact, I was getting drunk with these bastards and was part of the master plan. “Let’s all break away from our respective bands, start a side project where we get drunk, and write some short sloppy songs.”  Sounds simple right? There’s one thing the Little Lebowski Urban Achievers can honestly say.

They’ve never strayed from their mission statement. Now I will admit I was one of those pretentious indie rocker dudes. I showed up to the first attempted practice, heard how awful they were, and concluded that the two Miller High Lifes I had were the best part of the evening. It’s been some years now and my band has broken up (mostly because we took ourselves a little too seriously) and these lads are literally filling up bars around Minneapolis. Why?! How?! They’ve since gotten better of course. Even these clowns are bound to accidentally improve with how much they screw around.

Ex band member

Check this live video here:

LLUA members

Jesse Hendrickson – Guitars/Vocals
Tom Rongitsch – Guitars/Vocals
Jason Lundgren – Bass/Vocals
Tony Ziebol – Drums/Vocals

LLUA contact


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