DCxPC Live Vol. 6 Grave Return and The Hamiltons

Mr. P from DCxPC has spent more than two decades playing in hardcore, punk, metal and psychobilly bands throughout FL, and he’s a veteran show promoter who put on ska, metal, hardcore, punk and psychobilly shows for years.

On 5/20 DCxPC will be relaese a new 7”, this time a killer split with Grave Return and TheHamiltons recorded via Danger Room Recording Service!

Well, I had the honor to listened just before the release day… the split come with 2 live songs of each band with the style that just DCxPC makes, raw and punk rock sound.

I think Mr. P should think about 12″, because each release gets even better and we are missing good shit …… please!!!

Who tha hell are these bands?

Grave Return is from the suburbs of Orlando, Fla, and has opened for notable acts The
Damned, Agent Orange, and Radolescents.

The Hamiltons play instruments, make music and wear comfortable shoes, they like to call it
punk rock-n-roll, punk n roll or just show up and fucking play.

For one week the price will be reduced to $7 vs. $10, and all preorders will be entered into raffle to win The Queers Live at the Fireside Bowl released by VMLive back in 1995! www.dcxpclive.com

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