The Chosen One

Here we are with some new shit for you!!

This time we have an italian punk rock band named Weekend Cigarettes, formed in 2015 with an only mission: to bring back the golden years of the 90’s punk rock vibes.

They have released their second new album “The Chosen One” written between 2020 and 2022, with 10 tracks on it with a smooth and melodic sound on it; via Rocketman Records inspired on bands like NOFX, NUFAN and Thrice (yeap just that cool mixed of inspiration), and produced by Biagio totaro, guitarrist of Black Hole Dream band ….

This album comes with well-defined fast guitars and energetic drums in every song; the singer’s voice is pleasant and has an emotive tone steady rhythm that builds as it progresses, which keeps the listener engaged that fits well with the mood of the songs.

My favorite song: Box of milk”, this song has a sick and nice bass intro… added it into my Best of 2023 Spotify Playlist.

Listen to their stuff and judge by yourself!!

Weekend Cigarrettes – “The Chosen One”

Weekend Cigarrettes members:

Giacomo Dito – Lead Guitar

Daniele Noto – Rhythm guitar and backing vocals

Francesco Santo – Lead singer and bass

Alessandro Suffia – Drums and backing vocals

Weekend Cigarrettes contact:

Instagram Facebook YouTube Bandcamp E-mail

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