The war on Sparrows

Formed in October 2020. Eli Nowak and Justin Rauschkolb of New Jersey and Virginia, respectively, were brought together by Clinton Maher, an Aussie looking for like-minded collaborators to help pull through his vision for a virtual music project…then, BREAK TO BROKEN borned!

Break to Broken’s released their INDEPENDENT well done album “The War on Sparrows” on August 2022, recorded in Sidney AUS, New Jersey and Virginia USA; with a twelve-tracks that is a great example of modern post punk/hardcore. The album starts off with “Safe Space” a fast-paced and energetic track that sets the tone for the rest of the album. The guitar work is particularly impressive, and the driving rhythm section keeps the energy high throughout the song.

The lyrics deal with themes of isolation and alienation, and the subdued instrumentation complements the mood perfectly.

And I choose to ignore all around me or else I might be triggered again.
To claim a mistreatment is something I’ll be doing again.

The songs infectious energy is sure to get your head nodding along, and the guitar solo towards the end is particularly impressive.

Overall, Break to Broken’s “The War on Sparrows” is a well-crafted Album that showcases the band’s talent for writing catchy, energetic rock songs with thoughtful lyrics. The band’s musicianship is impressive throughout, and the production is clean and polished. Fans of post punk/hardcore music are sure to enjoy this album.

If you want to get an unique 12″ copy (Limited Edition)or a limited run of cassette tapes from Ripcord Records of their 1st pressing just GO HERE!!!

…by the way, these guys just released their three tracks EP “My Better Half +2” …. so listen to this too!!

Break to Broken members

Justin Rauschkolb – Guitar, bass and vovals

Eli Nowak – Vocals, guitar and drums

Clinton Maher – Vocals and guitar

Break to Broken contact

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