Big Up the impact!

Who really doesn’t likes Classic Oi!? Well, I do!… today I am bringing you a one man based Oi!/Streetpunk project from the wastelands of East Las Vegas, USA… this project is called Fool’s Errand’s, and it just released his 2nd full-length titled “Big Up The Impact” features guest appearances by members of English Teeth (Philly Streetpunk), Bad Assets (Detroit Oi!),  Remainder (Las Vegas HxC), Kong Kong (Swedish Oi!/Punk) and more. 

No mess, no stress, just Oi!-Oi! music for the dispossessed!

Fool’s Errand’s

The album, “Big Up The Impact,” is a solid collection of streetpunk/oi! tracks. The album features a variety of styles, from the smooth and aggressive. The album is well-produced and features some great guest appearances, including Bobby Franks and Kong Kong; recorded, mixed and mastered at the Redrüm, 2022-’23

The album is a powerful anthem about making a difference in the world, life stories and chicks; with solid bass and guitars intros, fast catchy hook killer drums and a raw message.

So, if you are deeply into street punk/oi! music, such Violent Way, MESS, The Enforcers and Claimed Choice; you definitely will like this album!

It’s out and available on limited edition beauty clear/red vinyl (only 100 copies) as well as on bandcamp and all streaming services. It has a rad oldschool design and a well done quality (100% recommended!!)

*Thanx Pete for the killer gift!

Fav track: (added into PRM Best of 2023 Playlist)

If its from the street and it’s from the heart, then it’s got soul

That’s Yer Lot

Fool’s Errand contact



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