Give You Nothing – Album release

A new day rising from the ashes …

After three years of their last album, punk Rock/Melodic Hardcore from Santa Cruz, California.

Ex members of At Risk, Abhorrance, Uzi Suicide and No Truce; Give you nothing releases their new full length record distributed by Snubbed Records in the US and Umlaut Records in the UK.

With contributions of Russ Rankin from Good Riddance, Sammy Ciaramitaro from Drain, Joe Clements from Fury 66 and Donald Scully.

This album with 12 tracks promises a lot of energy and fast shit.
Give You Nothing by Give You Nothing

Give you nothing members

Spencer Biddiscombe – Vocals
Blake Biagiotti – Bass
Pat Diola – Guitar
Olav Tabatabai – Guitar
Tommy Jameson – Drums

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