6 minute meeting by Corporate Citizen

The Oceanside, CA 5-piece is back with their latest face-melting EP, Six Minute Meeting. The brutality continues with the band’s third release in three years, and offers a maturing sound that melds thrashing, mosh-pit fodder with playful and melodic riff-work in the tradition of Zeke and 98 Mute. The EP—aptly clocking in at just under 6 minutes in entirety—is a three-punch adrenaline blast that’s sure to satisfy hardcore old heads and SoCal skate punks alike.

The three songs succeed at canvassing the spectrum of Corporate Citizen’s preferred subject matter, leading off with the torrential “Culture Vulture”, which underscores the vicissitudes of our modern cultural malaise. The second track, “Not the One”, reminds us of the indispensability of individual freedom and dignity, and the mood shifts to something uplifting with the terminal track “Positivity Anthem”—a raucous call for unity and hope amidst tough and trying times. This energy-injection of an EP strikes straight at the core of why punk rock is best played fast, loud, and heavy.

By Andrew Dorn


Check out Corporate Citizen’s Six Minute Meeting here:

Six Minute Meeting by Corporate Citizen

Corporate Citizen members

Dan Achin (Drums)

Hal Hannon (Bass)

Bob Meder (Vocals)

Steve O’Brien (Guitar)

Louis Ramsey (Guitar)

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