Lemon Grove Punks!!

Started in 2004, and still going strong … they’ve played with killer bands like The Casualties, Good Riddance, Strung Out, Judge, Strife, The Exploited, Total Chaos and more… so, they really know what are doing!!!

From San Diego, California a Hardcore band with (Punk Rock, Skate Punk, and Metal) named Project Sell Out are releasing their new album and talked with us about it!!!

1. How are you doing these days with Covid?
A few of us got Covid, but quickly recovered. Other than that we have stayed writing and jamming together as a band pretty regularly! Without the need to practice a “set” for a show or anything, we have pretty much been cranking out new tunes. We also recorded our newly released album “Soul Doubt” in June of 2020 as well. Up until the end of 2019 I had lived out of state the last few years, so it was actually kinda cool to be able to reconnect with each other musically and see the natural chemistry of all of us writing together again throughout 2020.

2. How have your fans received the new album?
From what we have heard, everyone loves it, and is stoked to hear these songs live someday! We put a lot of effort not only into making these our best songs yet, but also making sure it was our best recording quality. Super happy with how it turned out.

3. How was the process of making it?
A lot of these songs were written over the last couple years, but we never really got around to finishing the album and recording it. Bad Dreamin is actually the first song we ever wrote back in 2012. It was on the demo, and we wanted to bring it back for this record, and super glad we did. Other than that, everyone seemed to put in equally. There’s a few songs we worked on together and a few songs that our guitar player or bass player just brought to the table already completed.

4. Was this album made to listen and skate at the same time?
This album was made for people to skate, slam, and jam too!

5. What’s the difference between the”Soul doubt” and “My way out”?
My Way Out was our first record in 2015, and Soul Doubt is our second album. There have been EP’s and single’s between those, but those are the main ones. Soul Doubt being our favorite of the two for sure.

6. How is the scene in San Diego in these times?
There currently is live music in San Diego. In fact it seems that even with everything shut down, the numbers are still rising. Hopefully 2021 is better!

7. Anything coming up for your band that you are interested in sharing?
The preorders for our new album “Soul Doubt” are live on www.IrishVoodooRecords.com for vinyl and CD, Please pick up a copy! And in the meantime stream it on all streaming sites. We also have other merch leftover from previous tours available on our website www.psolgp.com

8. Tours?
No tours planned, but once live music happens again we will definitely hit the road, and hopefully make it out to Costa Rica!

9. New Releases??
After “Soul Doubt” vinyl arrives, we have some other things we’re working on. But we will always have new music to look forward to, maybe even at the end of 2021!

10. Something to add?
To anyone reading this, stay safe out there. Look out for those that you care about, keep it real and support local businesses during this tough time. And thank you for the interview, hope to meet in person someday!
You better listen their shit here:

Project Sell Out members

Simon Prescott – vocals
David Orozco – Bass
Noah Prescott – lead guitar
Miguel Nevarez – Rhythm guitar
Zak Prescott – drums

Project Sell Out contact

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