Stay Posi

Heathcliff is a skatecore band from Munich, Germany …. they have released their 2nd new album “StayPosi” via SBÄM, Punk & Disorderly Records and Milestone Sounds… on the_engine_studios


When I listen to a new album and search for new shit I always looking for this:
1. killer bass intros
2. rad guitar riffs
3. fast drums and new sounds…
and these guys made all on this record… theres a lot of mixing sounds (reggae, ska, skatepunk and metal too)…
There’s an Iron Maiden cover that will blow your head out…. damn!! honestly I really enjoyed it a lot.
This album is a nice mix of Drunktank, Nofx, Mad Caddies and their personal stamp (that cat little bastard) Heathcliff!
*Now this guys are added it to the Best of 2021 Spotify’s playlist.


Heathcliff members

Bust – Vocals/Drums

Manu – Rhythm guitar

Andy – Lead guitar

Bernie – Bass

Heathcliff contact

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