I’ll Sing With You

For the past few years Billy Edwin have been putting out music mostly personal stories and songs and the name is his grandfathers’ names put together. His real name is Mike and he played in SoCal bands for many years. In my 20s, he spent some time writing, recording and touring North America and Europe. After a break from the music world to pursue a career in education and raise a family, his current sound mixes punk, classic rock, with more Americana/country rock n’ roll vibes.
Over the past few months, he have been revisiting his punk roots a bit more explicitly and I’ll Sing With You is from those sessions. His close friend and collaborator Kevin Ruggeri played drums and sang some harmonies on this tune which was very special as it was the first time they’ve played music together this they played to gather in Ten Foot Pole in the mid-2000s. They have also started a new band which will look to put out a post-hardcore punk EP this summer.
I’ll Sing With You is a punk rock love song about imperfection, gratitude, overcoming adversity and burial. 
Set to release on Feb 14 – Valentine’s Day 2021, the song is also a musical reunion as I’m teaming up with drummer Kevin Ruggeri who shared rhythm section duties with me in legendary punk rock band, Ten Foot Pole in the early 2000s. We revisit our punk rock roots together in this cross-country collaboration which which was tracked in Los Angeles, CA and Philadelphia, PA, then mixed/mastered in El Paso, TX.
-Billy Edwin

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