Formed Early 2020 as Dan and Ryan are huge fans of similar, fast bands. Hugely inspired by Belvedere, NUFAN, Captain Everything, Lagwagon, bands like that.

They knew they wanted Pete from the start, as reliable drummers that can play that fast are incredibly hard to find and they already had Pete in Indoor Swimming.

They then set out to steal Bill from Meantime, which was pretty easy too. They knew he was good and entertaining to watch.

In no time Ryan had some songs ready to practice and then they went from there. Songs just kept coming.
They began recording Bonk, at home, pretty quickly.

A new skatepunk band from Brighton, UK … Making Friends are releasing their EP named “Bonk”!

Making friends members

Lead Vox and guitar, Ryan Mansell.

Former Fastfade guy. From London somewhere.

Lead guitar and backing Vox, Dan Farrell.

Also plays in Indoor Swimming. From County Durham.

Bass and backing Vox, Bill Laken.

Also plays in The Meantime Collective. Also from London somewhere.

Drums and backing Vox. Pete Thomas

Also plays in Indoor Swimming. From Southampton.


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