On Holiday is a 3 piece pop punk band from Oklahoma City. Despite their name, they work very hard at what they do.

In 2019, after building a home-town reputation for a great live show, they released their first single titled “Arizona” and hit the road for their first big tour of the East Coast with 10 stops in total.

At the beginning of 2020, with a new single out, titled “Hey Look”, and yet another big tour booked, this time the trio was heading West. They only managed to play a couple shows before having to cut the whole trip short because of… well… you know. But, even that didn’t stop them. In October of 2020, they showed their punk roots and released a political smack to the face titled “Defund The Police”. The song starts with a broadcast by Bernie Sanders regarding what is happening within America with protests and uprisings against police brutality and a chorus of “all cops are bastards // defund police”. A big topic packed into 3:22, but I think they got their message across: cops suck. On Holiday released two more singles following “Defund The Police” –  November’s “Far From Home” and December’s “Steel Reserve”. 

Now with 2020 in the rear view No Holiday quickly released a brand new single titled “21 Days” and are gearing up to release their first full length titled “INVASION” on March 5th, so yeah not much holidaying going on for these guys.

I had the pleasure of hearing “INVASION” first, which was my introduction to No Holiday. When I heard the opening track, “Steel Reserve”, I was shocked by Skyler FlyingOut’s low vocals and it made me wonder why we “Punk Rock Magazine” was reviewing a band that sounded like a cross between Crash Test Dummies and Marcy Playground. That all quickly changed as soon as Jon Michael Jackson (drums), yes you read that right and Chance Danner (guitar) entered. All of a sudden it became a classic pop punk album. Any and all fans of Alkaline Trio will be stoked when this album drops.

If you’ve been following On Holiday throughout their career, you’ll be pleased to hear some old favourites like “Far From Home”, “21 Days”, “Defund The Police” and “Arizona”. There aren’t any lulls in the track listing, or slow ballads, all 13 tracks are pretty straight forward, fast, pop punk. No time to get bored. So mark your calendars for March 5th and give this album a listen, these guys work real hard and there’s no sign of slowing down.

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On Holiday members

Skyler FlyingOut – bass & vocals

Jon Michael Jackson – drums

Chance Danner – guitar

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