Hailing from St Catherines, Ontario, Canada, The Holdouts come at us with their six track sophomore record For Reasons Unknown that tows the line between a modern melodic sound and classic punk rock energy.

Listening to the album is a trip through methodically, well structured tunes with solid hooks. There’s a real honesty the band’s sound. The lead vocals have a nice scratchy tone that balances well with the more melodic harmonies that scatter through the tunes.

Released through Tarantula Tapes on cassette, the record really takes it’s form and showcases the blood and guts of the band’s strengths when you get to the tracks Long Time No See and Blanket Statement.

There’s not a huge amount of tracks on the record, but that actually really suits it. It’s direct, to the point and every second on the record hits the nail right on the head.

I enjoy what The Holdouts are doing. It has an attitude that’s reminiscent of great nights out at a punk show at your favourite barroom venue. There’s a fierocity in the band’s sound that has one raising their fist in the air and waking up a few days later with no regrets. All in all, it’s a solid record and definitely worth dropping the 8 bucks to grab a cassette tape.

-Danny Addicted

-Punk Rock Mag / The Northern Underground

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