Stalag 13 has fun, plays hard, and keeps that spirit of early 80’s hardcore alive, wherever they go. Their new album, Fill in The Silence, features 11 new recordingStalag 13 was founded back in 1980 in Oxnard, CA by Ron Baird.

They are considered one of the “Big 4” Nardcore bands along with Ill Repute, Agression, and Dr. Know. Being one of the first west coast bands to gravitate towards the hardcore scene coming out of Washington DC, they gained notoriety for their energetic sets and contagious PMA. s of some old songs, some new songs, and some classic songs. Fill in The Silence will be released on vinyl by Puke ‘N’ Vomit Records, CD/cassette by Plain Disguise Records.

If you like real shit to skate, you must listen to this guys!!!

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