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In the wake of International Women’s Day on March 8th, let’s take a look at a few women that are raising the bar and making a difference; not just for bad ass femmes, for punk rock. There certainly has been a number of hugely influential female punk artists trailblazing the way for generations. Where would we all be today without the influence of “punk poet laureate” Patti Smith?

Even in the modern social climate of 2021, there’s still a way to go for equality and respect in our culture. Here’s a look at a few female punks taking names out there.

  1. The Anti-Queens, Stomp Records

The Toronto four piece emerged out of the club scenes and blew the doors open after appearances at the Amnesia Rockfest and ‘77 Montreal festivals in Canada. They soon followed that up with the release of their first full length, self titled record with tracks like ‘Worse Than Death’, a track that transcends punk in to the high flying rock n roll that underlines the band’s sound. The past year has been a stick in the spokes for many artists, but The Anti-Queens are very active engaging their audiences and dedicated following through social media. As a bonus, check out the band Black Cat Attack fronted by The Anti-Queens guitarist Valerie Knox.

  1. The Bombpops, Fat Wreck Chords

Although technically The Bombpops are comprised of equal parts female and male, the band definitely deserves a spot on the list. Founded by front women Jen Razavi and Poli van Dam in San Diego, California in 2007, the band released their debut record Fear of Missing Out in 2017 before Death in Venice Beach (2020) and have toured alongside many big names on the Fat Wreck circuit. Of particular note, and credit to the ladies for calling out the sexist treatment they deal with on a regular basis, they released a series of videos where they overtly read suggestive direct messages received on social media titled ‘Sliding In To The Bombpops Dms’. A statement on where we still are as a society.

  1. Mobina Galore, New Damage Records / Gunner Records (EU)

Formed in 2011 and with three studio records to date, the Winnipeg duo of Jenna Priestner (guitar/ vocals), and Marcia Hanson (drums/ vocals) have a sound that vocally drips the depth and honesty that one would expect from early Tegan and Sara records, with an attitude. The sound is almost passive aggressive with it’s heavy grunge influences evident. That’s what gives their evolving sound declination. Every time you listen to their records you become more and more aware of just how brilliant the song writing is. It’s dark, it’s honest, it’s real.

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