I had the honor to talk with Eddie Casillas guitarist from Californian ska core band Voodoo Glow Skulls about their forthcoming album “Livin’ the Apocalypse” which will be out on May 14th everywhere via Dr. Strange Records.

1. How are you doing with these shitty days with covid?  

I’ve been mostly at home or staying away from most people besides my close family and a few friends and band members. I had 4 family members die of Covid, 2 this year and 2 at the very beginning. I’m ok so far…

2. 1st album release with Efrem, sometimes is weird to listen to VGS without Frank and Efrem is killing it with the band, so what can we expect on this new shit?

It must be weird for fans, it was so weird for us at first but Efrem is so cool and a great guy and our brother definitely did not want to continue with us.If you have to replace a legend, you do it with another one. You can expect a great record with him!

3. How was the process making it?

I started doing some of the demos over 4 years ago and kept working on songs, after the line up change and some touring, we decided to start writing more after the pandemic started. We ended up only using a couple of the old demos and wrote mostly new songs during 2020. We had the drummer come over who was getting tested for Covid every week, recorded the horns mostly in those guy’s home studio set ups at home and we did all the vocals in my studio.

4. Did you have some special guests on this album?

Yes, we have Dan Palmer from Death by Stereo on the first single, Eric’s mom does a voiceover on one and Randy Blythe from Lamb of God on another track.

5. Are you going to have a special releaseday event?

No, these times are so weird and we can’t really get together as a band just yet. We just plan on doing another video somehow.

6. How do you see the new ska core era compared with the 90’s?

I don’t really see or know much. We have toured with most of our peers from the 90s and it’s been cool. I mostly have always listened to other music. Mostly heavy metal, some punk but I like all kinds of other stuff.

7. Future plans?

We plan on playing shows one day again and releasing another record. We are starting to write already..

8. Any anecdotes from Costa Rica to share?

Our original drummer, Jerry, is half Costa Rican and we’ve always been close to that culture being Mexican and latino. 

9. Something you want to add?

Thanks everyone for supporting the band in the past and present!

Eddie C.

*Thanx Eddie for your time.

You can check the new single here:

Voodoo Glow Skulls members

Edgardo Casillas: Guitar

Jorge Casillas: Bass

Efrem Martinez-Schulz: Vocals

Eric Skazzini – Saxophone

Jose Pazsoldan – Trombone

Steven Reese – Drums

Voodoo Glow Skulls contact

website Facebook Instagram YouTube

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