Skism is a veteran and an anti-social band from NYC, they’re old school Brooklyn punks bashing out traditional Punk, Hardcore and Oi since 1989 with Fast guitars, pounding drums and screaming vocals. Consisted of players from the Krays (did you read it well? The Fucking Krays) American Eagle, Wrench and the Mad Mulligans.

They’ve released a rad and so cool shit on February with 9 tracks called “2021” that you must listen it if you really like screaming vocals, fast old school guitars and slamming drums; via Rotten Bastard Records.

When you listen to their music, you only think of smelly underground New York places full of good punk music and beer!! (Would be sick to had these guys in Costa Rica)

I give a 9/10 for this album because I need more than 9 songs hahaha!!

You think there’s time for work and leisure,

You think that your life is pain and pleasure

Well, it’s pain.

Pain and more pain.

Pain and Pain

Just added it to my Spotify’s best of 2021 playlist

Skism contact

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