DCxPC Live Volume 2

Here we go again!!! Do you remember the 7″ Volume 1 that DCxPC released with Call in Dead and 2AMature? (if no, go check it out here)

Now these guys are releasing Volume 2 with 2 rad bands: T.V. Generation (street punk from Orlando) and The Sinema (a mix of hardcore-punk and metalcore from Orlando as well). This one is a Loustream benefit for Orlando’s best DIY venue, Uncle Lou’s LMGA (where the show was recorded), with a limited 50 copies.

Side A it has 3 fast and junkie tracks of T.V. Generation with solid drums sounds and an style like old Guttermouth. The art printed is the one they put on their last S/T EP (a drugadict Mickey Mouse or something like).

Side B (just one track?) of a crazy loud and dope band named The Sinema … The art printed is the one they used on their Mother Nature single. I’ve never listened to these guys but I really need to find more shit of this band.

*I hope DCxPC keep making this kind of live records… I’d like to thank a lot to Mr. P and of course to his daughters for the special gift!!!

If you couldn’t buy this 7″ record, now you can listen it here:

T.V. Generation contact

Facebook Instagram

The Sinema contact

Facebook Instagram

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