DCxPC Live Volume 1

DCxPC Supporting live music by booking punk, hardcore, ska and metal shows in Central Florida and releasing live concert albums on limited-edition vinyl have released a rad 7″ live split record with 2 of those hardcore bands that you really want to listen named “DCxPC Live Volume 1 Presents: Call in Dead and 2AMature”.

Call in Dead is a hardcore punk band from OBT in Orlando and 2AMature is a 3-piece alternative punk rock band from Central Florida. These 2 bands are responsible for this noisy EP with 7 songs there recorded on 5/29/20.

The recording offers some ska, punk, hardcore with fast drums, excellent guitar riffs and screams that will reach the deepest of your sense and at the same time miss those days when it was normal and relaxing to go to a hardcore show to undo your sorrows kicking asses!!

The split release comes in a limited quantity of 200 copies, so if you want to get this bad boy, move your fucking ass and order it before they run out HERE!!!

You can listen it here:

CALL IN DEAD contact

Facebook Instagram

2AMature contact

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Call in Dead was on our 2nd Anniversary virtual show, so if you missed it, check it out

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