This is how two bassists play guitar …

After over 15 years of rockin’ out, two bass players totally left out gathered around a messy table with a load of Pabst, 2 guitars and the will to take over the world.

In 2019, Rat surprised all Matchup fans by announcing his return in the band with Burger, just like in the good old days. From now on, the guys are more driven than ever to write a whole new chapter in the Matchup’s history.

I just received a special package with some vinyls and CDs from “Hell for Breakfast” from Canada; of all of them there is one in particular that I wanted to get my hands on, but when I opened the package, the first thing I saw was this one called “Straight to the core”, capturing my attention, since personally sometimes I like to listen to acoustic punk and on the cover with these 2 old school guys, I said to myself “this must sound good”.

The album has 11 tracks with 2 acoustic guitars and with love lyrics, birthdays … but there was a song that in particular is one of my favorites “Campfire”, which touches a very delicate point; the memory of an old friend who is no longer alive and it hurts to remember.

My brother, wish I never wrote this song

I cherish every memory, it’s sad that you are dead and gone

Campfire – The Matchup

The vinyl comes in a classic black with an excellent sound and finish…. so, if you want to enjoy some relax and cool acoustic punk shit, take a time to listen it here:

The Matchup members

Guit and vox by Rat & Burger

The Matchup contact

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