Here we go!!! This is the kind of shit that I really like to listen… melodic punk rock and melodic hardcore.

Ship of Fools is a Canadian killer band from Ontario, it was really a short time since I discovered them and what I heard fascinated me, in fact it was this EP “Statuos Quo”, which has 4 powerful songs that manage to activate that energy that we all occupy in our lives. The EP comes with a lot of speed, excellent melodic guitars and a voice that manages to convey the fury and struggle of the content of its lyrics about political climate, the stigma surrounding mental health & emphasize social justice, inclusion, and human rights.

The EP was released in April 2021 by Hell for Breakfast Records.

*Without a doubt, this ep will be nominated at the Good Shit Awards 2021.

We are all strong enough to spark a bit of change


Listen to this rad shit here and you liked it, go here and listen more…


Niall – Guitar

Greg – Drums

Andrew – Vocals

Chris – Bass


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