The Beginning Of The End

Every time I have a new package in my mailbox, it’s a big surprise of what’s to come. On this occasion, some vinyls arrived from London, UK from the band Hotdoggrrrl and the Sesame Buns.

A few weeks ago, on Punk Rock Mag’s Instagram we held a giveaway in celebration of the release of this album; in which they were giving away a copy of the album and a Hotdoggrrrl knickers !!! Many people participated, but only one winner was going to be the lucky one.

Well now it’s time to talk about the band and their album.

Hotdoggrrrl and the Sesame Buns is a heady mix of grounded rock n’ roll, soul, folk and garage. Formed in Hackney Wick in 2014, presenting dark melodies with punching attitude – expect the unexpected.

The album is really something bizarre, a mixture of drugs, sex, depression, madness and at the same time well-crafted music; influenced by american folk that gives a psychedelic edge to the punk attitude.
Their lyrics bring a lot of explicit sex and I think a lot of these were written in very crazy moments of the band.

If you are one of the people who do not consume drugs or alcohol; but you would like to know what its effects are like; I invite you to listen to this album in your room, either alone or in the company of someone who wants to live the same thing; without the need to use any substance.

Listen the album here and if you liked it, you can buy it on their bandcamp page.

Hotdoggrrrl and the Sesame Buns members

Guitar bass / Reuben S.

Drummer / Jamie N.

Vocal and lyrics / Hinde R.

Hotdoggrrrl and the Sesame Buns contact

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