Curse – Reversed

Freedumb is building up speed and picks up from the success of their latest single «Get Away», with a blast from the past in the form of a LP release of «The Freedumb Curse – Reversed».  The material was recorded in 2008, but was never released in this version. These songs are rawer sounding and also mixes between lyrics in English and Norwegian.

During the pandemic, it naturally become difficult to play fast hardcore punkrock together. In the downtime, a folder suddenly appeared with The Freedumb Curse EP (2008). The album contains the first version of The Freedumb Curse that was recorded and planned to be released in late summer 2008. The release comes on an exclusive 12 “in 50 copies from Oslo Vinyl Freseri in both black and transparent edition. The cover is a new version of the original The Freedumb Curse which is silkscreen printed by Loco Mosquito.

While original The Freedumb Curse (2010) album sounds far more thrash/punk, the EP version has a 2000s classic punk rock sound, as on previous releases. Recorded in 2008 in the legendary Endless Tinnitus when it was in the backyard of Schweigaardsgate 44. The songs were recorded during a good period for the band and I would say that I prefer some of these versions to those that were recorded for the album.

Listen to “Curse – Reversed”: 

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