Come on, Bobo!!

Loose Gravel

This is the grimy road story of a Spooge, a fictional punk band who get to know each other far more than they want to, cooped up in a crap-beaten van on their first tour. It’s about four people in a relationship that resembles a one-night-stand; everybody’s in it for the fun, there’s an unspoken hope of it becoming something more, it’s usually bitterly disappointing, and no one knows each other’s last names.

It’s a peculiar odyssey of archetypical music scene types, lies and discovery, a thieving runaway, a coming-out story, and flaming chest hair…all underscored by a bizarre curse.

Not only can you find punk rock culture in music (clearly it is the main part) … this time I bring you a book that arrived from Canada to Costa Rica thanks to Ginny (a punk rock drummer) who made the decision to self-publish Loose Gravel – an original tale of a punk rock band called Spooge and their zany adventures on the road!

In this crazy book you can find a bit of love and sex, fights, shows and other crazy things that can only be experienced on a tour of a punk rock band.

I have taken the time to read and enjoy it little by little, since it really is an excellent book that deserves to be in your collection.

*Come on Bobo (You’ll already know what this is about, in fact it was one of my favorite parts).

**The photo was taken in Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica.


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