Pretend this sounds good!

Sentimentipede is a band from Newfoundland, Canada. The group has a fun, colorful and energetic attitude, which matches the musicians’ ability to connect with the audience on a deeper level through their recordings and live shows alike. The band’s sound blurs the lines between different genres, including punk, noise-rock and grunge music, revealing a rather eclectic approach to songwriting and impactful musicianship across the board. 

The band released their last album named “Pretend This Sounds Good” on Nov. 2021 which is a passion project between their members. It was tracked, mixed and mastered DIY (hell yeah) in the basement of some house.
The album melds influences of punk, hardcore, grunge, & noise rock, and the production has an overall garage-rock feel to it.

This should be find 10 tracks of three hairy guys creating punk-inspired grunge sounds, with a Nirvana style but at the same time mixed with an 80’s punk band (so get prepared for some dirty shit) …

Something interesting about the band is that all 3 members are showcased screaming vocals in their own unique style, this leads to some pretty dirty combinations!!

Fav tracks:

“Sanitize” reminds me of Nirvana’s bleach album, but done by Canadians”

“Permanent Comedown” (the guitar intro has some dark post-punk shit in there, and then the grunge sound hits you again).

*I think these guys deserve a thumbs up*

Sentimentipede members

RYDER WHIFFEN – Guitar & Vocals

CJ VERBISKI – Bass & Vocals

FRANK THOMAS – Drums & Vocals

Sentimentipede contact

Website Facebook Instagram

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