The New Era!!!

Ahhh shit you’ll love this…

Richard and Marco have been friends for about 30 years, they used to play in a previous punk rock band called No Sameness about 20 years ago. They released 2 albums and they did a couple of local shows during the 5-6 years. Then, they all took different paths in their lives so the band kind of died along the way.

That’s when Marco and Richard decided to keep playing together and started creating new music. What began as a way to have fun playing music ended up as the new interesting project they called Remark officially started on November 6, 2020. Remark are a DIY duo punk rock band from Quebec, Canada. They’ve released a rad album named “The New Era” on November 26, 2021 (because of the pandemic, the entire project was done online).

The album was mixed and mastered in only 2 weeks by Alex Raikov, member of the Russian hardcore/punk band “Antreib“.

The band draws a significant amount of influences from 90’s and 00’s punk rock and including the likes of Bad Religion, old NOFX and Frenzal Rhomb. The duo produces fast guitar riffs and drums.

We are a DIY punk rock band. We do whatever we want and we love doing it this way. I’m not saying that we wouldn’t be open to working with labels. But we were able to release a first album by ourselves once so we can certainly do it twice. Let’s see what the future brings us!

The 8 tracks album hits the ground running with “The Fall” with a tight guitar riff and choice drumming throughout the record. The band have messages to spread and unlistening ears be fucked. The message impact is felt with the combination of the music and the lyrics.

With no more shit to say, “The New Era” is almost perfect in their imperfection, and should be required listening for anyone wanting to dip their toes in new bands with cool shit.

Fav songs “Entitled”, “Dear Good Religion” and “Memoirs” (love that bass intro).

Remark members

Richard – Bass and drums

Marco – Guitar and vocals

Remark contact

Website Facebook Instagram

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