Live at C.B.G.B’s

Mr. P who grew up playing in hardcore punk bands and booking shows in the DC area; now he is supporting live music by booking punk, hardcore, ska and metal shows in Central Florida and releasing live concert albums on limited-edition vinyl presents a new Live shit for us via DCxPC on a beautiful colored vinyl!!! (Thanx man for this great gift).

Two Man Advantage

Two Man Advantage is a Hockey Punk Band from New York; Established 1997 and still going!

DCxPC relesed this rad Issue with 2 killer dates recorded in C.B.G.B’s New York (2002) and Fremont Las Vegas (2018).

The album brings 12 tracks full of fast drums, guitars and bass, familiar with the unique punk sound …. The record is a small sample of the legendary New York club C.B.G.B’s and the chaos that ensued within its walls.
Unimaginable the degree of disorder in the iconic punk club.

Listen to this record here and go order this bad boy HERE!!!

2MA members

Drunk Bastard (Vocals), Sakte (Guitar, vocals), Captain (Guitar), MYK (Backing vocals), Snapshot (Bass), Teemu Heineken (Bass), Coach (Backing vocals, drums), Amstel Fuhr (Drums) and The Rookie (Ham Salad

2MA contact

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