Wrong Odds are a punk rock / Alternative duo consisting of Adrien Idiot and Dale Carmichael. A taping foot, a nodding head, or a chaotic mosh pit, the aim is to make you move. The songs are fast, loud and bound to get stuck in your head. The band is influenced by bands like Jay Reatard, The Vicious, Drakulas, Hex Dispensers.

Wrong Odds

Their debut single “Psycho” was recorded overnight on January 15, 2022 at LIP Media Productions studio in Thunder Bay, ON.

The song was inspired by the ongoing lockdowns of the pandemic which seems to make
everyone go a little bit psycho.


1. How is everything going these crazy days?

The pandemic has been hard on us which sucks, but it looks like bars/venues are reopening and live music is coming back. We used most of our time in lockdown to write as much new material as possible and we think we’ve found a bit of a blueprint for the mood and style we aim to create in the future. 

2. Who are Wrong Odds?

We’re a two piece punk band from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. We’ve been playing music together since 2011 under a few different names (Fist Fight with Gandhi, I.R. Idiot) but now we are Wrong Odds. Adrien is a filmmaker, music producer, and composer so he’s involved in a lot of different styles but for this band we just want to make punk music. Our aim is to make people move when they see us and hopefully the songs get stuck in their head. We like horror themes, party songs, and songs that tell assholes to fuck off.

3. We just heard you guys are going to release your debut single “Psycho” …. do you wanna talk about how was the process of making this song?

Adrien: I wrote this song after listening to a lot of the Hex Dispensers- III. I’m not sure our sound lines up with theirs that much, but good punk shit is inspiring. Psycho came together pretty quick. The best songs seem to be written in my head before I play them and I just have to figure out how to get it out.

Dale: When I heard Adrien’s demo for Psycho, I knew the song had to start immediately with a jarring floor tom beat and distorted bass. We had a lot of fun in the studio with this song, adding tambourine and claps. It’s a good combination of our menacing punk sound, but also our fun rock moments. 

4. Is this song part of a new EP or album?

We recorded ‘Psycho’ as a challenge to finish it in a short amount of time. We recorded it overnight, mixed it, and it was done in two weeks. We had been playing this song for about a year so we figured it was time to just make it and get it out there. We will be recording an EP in the next few months but we need to try out the songs in front of a crowd first. The restrictions are lifting in a couple weeks and we finally have a show lined up to play to real people!

5. How do you expect people to receive this debut?

We sent out some private links in anticipation for the release and we’ve had a really positive response so far. We also just released a multi-cam live show that got mixed and is available on our Youtube Channel. [Link: ] Restrictions were lifted for a brief time last summer and we got to play our first show with this band. 

6. Any project for the band this year (party, tour, shows…)?

We will have an EP or two out this year, and possibly a music video. Our other band Primate Patrol is coming out with a 10 song album, which has a street punk kind of vibe. The release date is to be determined. Otherwise we’re getting loud and ruckus with some drinks on friday nights.

7. Something to add….

If anyone wants to chat about punk stuff they can shoot us a message on social media. We’d love to connect with more people who like loud fast music! I hope we party together soon! 

Thanx to Wrong Odds for the interview, now enjoy the premiere of PSYCHO!!


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