Deaf People Interview

Grunge was basically a blend of punk, hard rock and metal. Every band who started doing it did it a little bit differently. Today we are convinced that punk/grunge is not dead; Nirvana and the other great bands left a big legacy … so today we are presenting a new band.

Deaf People are a punk rock/grunge band based out of Piscataway, New Jersey (a self proclaimed immoral success)…. with a full length out in 2019 and a single in 2021, they take a time to talk with us about the band and other shit!!!

So prepare yourself to read and enjoy their music!!

The band is a mix between violent guitar riffs, shacking bass and resonant drums.

Deaf People

Who the hell are the Deaf People? 

We are the type of band that you want to listen to when you feel like you’ve had enough. We started this because we love a lot of artists that aren’t here anymore, we want to continue their legacy by staying true to what we like, and by not pretending that we are something else or that we are not heavily influenced by them.

So we are basically trying to be the band that we would listen to.

How is the East Coast punk/grunge scene like nowadays? 

To be honest with you the underground punk/grunge scene is going strong around here. When we first started playing locally we really thought that we were going to be a completely isolated band, but we were wrong. 

There are so many great bands and musicians that we’ve had the honor to play with on the same bill, the amount of talent here is insane, and the worst part is that you hardly ever hear about this type of music on the media. 

If you could add one member to the band (living or dead) who would it be?

For now I think we are complete and we have the best line up yet.  

Although the only thing we have to work on is our dance moves on stage, so someone like MJ would be a great addition to our band. (Laughs)

The “Deviate” album – do you wanna talk about the process of making it and what’s behind that cute dog in the cover?

Back in 2019 recording “Deviate” was actually our first time inside a real studio, so it was a great learning experience, we recorded live for 3 days straight until we got all of the songs perfect.

As for making the album, I (Iggy) was 14/15 when I wrote most of the songs, so by the time we made the band and felt like we wanted to do a record, everyone got involved and contributed to improve these songs, the months that we spent rewriting and rehearsing for the recording ended up giving us a more mature sound, and establishing what we are today as a band. 

And the dog is Roland’s pet. We thought that shot looked breathtaking as a cover.

Tours or shows to be announced? New Deaf People album soon?

To answer both questions, as of today we are working on our second album. We wrote lots of great songs, and we are halfway there with the recording. It’s been an awesome process, very different than the first time, but we can assure you that this one is heavier and better. We are working with producer Vince Carducci from Woodrock Studios, so we are very excited. We’re aiming for an end of the year release, and after that we plan on hitting the road for a tour. 

Can you recommend a record you think we must listen to?

John: “Deja Entendu” by Brand New

Rolo: “Songs in the Key of Life” by Stevie Wonder

Iggy: “Worry” by Jeff Rosenstock 

Something to add

We just want to thank Punk Rock Magazine for this interview, and everyone who has showed interest in our band, and to the people that believe in us and still think that this kind of music can make it, thank you. 

Support your local artist, and don’t let rock and roll die, it needs you now more than ever. 

**** Check these guys out ***

Deaf People

Deaf People memebres

Ignacio Delgado (voice, guitar)
Jonathan Garcia (drums)
Rolando Sanchez (bass)

Deaf People contact

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