Black Valley Moon

Started in 2019 by Down By Law guitarist Sam Williams and drummer Dave Kamrath, Black Valley Moon uniquely blends surf, rockabilly, retro-Americana and western with goth and horror punk.

Self-proclaimed horror punks Black Valley Moon are back with their trademark follow up record ‘Songs From The Black Valley´ and its sure to have a few tongues wagging.

Prior to its release the act originally performed as an instrumental trio before adding Ray Vegas soulful voice to create what is now ‘Black Valley Moon’. The album kicks off with the opening track ‘Chopping n Changin’ a familiar surf style track that puts you in a good mood straight away. This tune sounds like something out of the sixties, it tells a typical love story which is complimented by the punk melody of ‘Down By Law Guitarist’ Sam Williams.

Another standout track on the record is ‘Bikeage’ a fantastic instrumental which sees the four-piece display their exceptional talents and explore the roots of their musicianship in a engaging, upbeat manner like some of the earlier works like ‘Return of the ghost of Johnny Ramone’.

There is one song that is particularly catchy, and it is ‘Sons of Dracula’ from the opening riff it pulls you in and you will find yourself tapping your feet and nodding your head to it and maybe even considering drinking the blood of the innocent with them until your dead…ha. A playful chorus no doubt that is sure to have people joking about the whereabouts of the iconic Transylvanian creature.

On a personal note, I found this record very pleasing to the ears, although I would not usually stray too far into this genre, I am glad I did I find myself much richer for the experience. This new album by Black Valley ‘Songs From The Black Valley has shades of summer thrown in the mix with some intricate cord work, Its tailor made for a good Sunday session with a few frothies and has something for everyone. Wrap your ears around it below.

Review by Michael Dickson.

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