Hike the Peak is a multi country melodic hardcore band from England and Belgium, who during covid lockdowns started to put all his creative efforts into songwriting and recording to help with serious mental struggles. 

Covid lockdowns were a nightmare. I missed playing in a band. I missed gigs….im not the most social person but it made me think about how playing music is such an important part of my life and with that ripped from me I didn’t know where to go….so slowly but surely I began hiding away in my spare room playing my guitar and learning a whole clutch of programs……Now my vocal talents are back up vocals at best so I thought id contact a few of my friends that I’ve toured/played shows with in the UK and the euro mainland to see if anyone was interested in adding their superior vocal talents to the project…..the response back was massively positive’ 

Lee Byatt

These guys just finished their first 10 songs in 5 EPs (each 2 track ep has been released every 6 weeks since September 2021)… Now FIVE is out with 2 brand new songs featuring Tim Van Doorn of St. Plaster Hanne Terweduwe of For I Am and Andy Rae of HOOF.

So….. relax and listen to this great shit:

If you enjoyed those songs, you must listen more here…

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